What difference has StudentSurvey.ie made in your institution?

Since 2013, over 300,000 first and final year undergrads and taught postgrads have used StudentSurvey.ie to share their thoughts and feedback with their higher education institution. But in that time what difference has StudentSurvey.ie made in your institution? How have the results been used to enhance the student experience across the 25 higher education institutions that take part?

We are asking staff and student representatives to reflect upon 9 years of StudentSurvey.ie and how this major national survey has made an impact in your institution.

What was the result that triggered a response from the institution?

UCC had shown repeated low results for the Collaborative Learning indicator in StudentSurvey.ie

What did the institution do to respond to this feedback?

We led out on an initiative to identify group work champions in each of the colleges, collate examples of good practice and distil this into a professional development resource for staff (on CIRTL website). This also sparked a review and development of group work policy to sit under a new assessment framework. Both professional staff and academic staff were engaged in thinking through the design and enactment of group work as support for collaborative learning is provided across a range of roles. Understanding how to reflect the new group work policy in module descriptors was particularly important as staff were encouraged to include both an individual and a group mark.

What was the impact of the response?

The group work policy was amended, and suite of staff development offerings created to support staff in group work and collaborative learning approaches. The surfacing of academic champions also led to the collation of case studies reflecting good practice. These case studies were drawn on when supporting staff to pivot to online learning during the pandemic as many staff sought out various scaffolds to ensure students remaining engaged and connected while learning remotely.